Baby Tracker – What an amazing app!

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My youngest daughter, Samantha, was born a bit over 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, she was born with mild jaundice. So the doctors asked us to keep a good eye on her feeding patterns, amounts, and diaper changes. We needed some sort of baby tracker.

Going through a newborn schedule can be rather hectic, but adding detailed logging and information hands-off puts another layer of complexity. Fortunately, my wife discovered Baby Tracker.

Baby Tracker has some nice features like:

  • Feeding Log – formula vs breast vs pumped
  • Diaper Log – wet, dry, mixed, pooped
  • Sleeping Log
  • General developmental milestones
  • Photos

Among others. It’s available on Android and iOS, and allows sync’ing between multiple devices. Which means that I can log stuff while my wife rests, and she’ll see it on her phone or when chatting with the doctor.

The feeding + diaper + sleep combo was great for tracking her fight against jaundice (which she’s won apparently, yay!), and being able to measure and differentiate the breast and pump feeding from formula is a big helper for breastfeeding efforts (there’s even a neat left/right breast chronometer integrated into the log).

Also, it’s free! The detailed charts will lock after a few days, though, so I strongly recommend purchasing. This is the kind of apps that make me proud of being a software engineer.

The advantages of using the app go beyond tracking important milestones and events in our baby’s day-to-day, but they also save a bit of time when answering questions from the doctor or nurses. We look like data pros (or overly concerned fathers? Idunno) when we show off charts, detailed numbers, times, patterns…

I’m rather happy with the app and definitely invite you to check it out. You can download Baby Tracker for Android, iPhone, or check their Facebook Page. I’m in love with living this newborn experience again, so expect a few more posts regarding technology and babies 🙂 .

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