About Me


I’m Vicente Plata. I’m a Software Engineer currently working at Microsoft, MSN in particular. I create, fix and automate software. My areas of expertise mostly involve:

  • Object Oriented Design,
  • Automation (including automated tests, reporting, telemetry and monitoring),
  • Defensive Coding,
  • Best Practices

In addition to Software Engineering, my main areas of interest include:

  • History
  • Coffee
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vancouver, BC (new to Vancouver, y hablas Español? Lee mis tips)
  • Pokémon and video games in general

Software is an incredible thing. We’ve been redefining the world at an amazing speed for the last decades. But I believe we can do even more. We have the power, the privilege and the responsibility, to use that magic in order to really touch and improve people’s lives. If you agree with me, and have an interesting idea or proposal, then feel free to contact me.

I worked with Open Source and Java-based technologies for quite a while, before moving to the Microsoft stack -particularly PowerShell and C#. Right now, I work with the team that takes care of the web content consumption experiences in MSN. As a side gig, I help people and companies implement sensible, rational and helpful nearshoring quality and development strategies as the General Country Manager of DQS Canada.